Wenger: We Have Many Players Ready This Season

Wenger: We Have Many Players Ready This Season

Wenger: We Have Many Players Ready This Season

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has stated that his team has players all ready to fight in next season Agen Domino Online.

Last season The Gunners have to go through the 2016-2017 competition should bother both in the Premier League and also the Champions League because many of its squad are having problems like natural long-term injuries and make them have to finish the domestic league is ranked fifth.

Where they also can not compete in the blue continental competition and some players from the North London club also reported on the transfer market will leave the team.

But so far their star players have not been there who plan to leave. Even with the addition of new ammunition and behind some loan players then make the French tactics tacticians feel ready to start a new season.

The reason now has a lot of options in the squad and attracted some players who in promisikan of academies such as Joseph Willock, Ashley Maitlan Niles and also Cohen Bramall able to show his best performance during pre season.

“I am confident that we will do the required work, last year we entered this season with some players who have a deficit in minutes because there are two players with the number of matches after the European championships,” Arsene Wenger told the media.

“I think we have more players ready to enter the competition. We also have tougher matches. So we have to be ready. ”

Meanwhile, Wenger also make sure that Alexandre Lacazette still need adaptation time about two months ahead.

But on the other hand the 67-year-old man was satisfied because the player who was brought from Lyon that weekly show progress to adaptation at the Emirates stage.

“I do not know, this is very difficult, because sometimes a few months. Sometimes very little time, ”

“But the only thing I have to say is that Lacazette, next week’s week she looks fast.

“But overall I think he will need one to two months ahead.”

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